päivitetty 14.01.2022


AON   Adult Onset Neoropathy   





Terve / Clear

April Black Petrs (Princ Tobias Od Bukove Studanky - Needs A Chance Black Petrs) red 12/18

Backhill's Scandinavian Style (Line Sam Someone To Hug – Backhills Natalie Wood) black 09/18

Cobarn Distant Drums (Lochranza Pathfinder - Guldkulans Classic Brilliant) red 02/19

Engelbert Vom Schloss Hellenstein(Royal Dragon Vom Schloss Hellenstei-Midwinter Kimberly Lady Blue) orange roan 03/19

Honeywater's Catch Of The Day (Ozzie BlackPetrs – Manaca's Makes People Talk) red 09/18

I'm Yours Vom Wulfekamp (United Kingdom Vom Schlehdorn - Casey Black Petr's) red 12/19

Manaca's Trick of Tail (Fonesse Finlorian - Manaca's Unblushing Dream) red

Merry Cocktails Yoel (Claramand Ricochet-Silk'n Shine Hypnotiq Breeze) black 05/21

Northworth Jaggy Wood (Woodman BlackPetrs – Northworth Madam’s Match) red 02/15

Northworth Online Style (Backhills Scandinavian Style - Northworth Unseen Cry) black 02/15

Ten Grade's Exact Online (Northworth Online Style – Northworth Exact So Elegant) red 2/18

Willy Wonka Z Chalupecke Louky (Gandalf Of Merrily - Rihana Z Chalupecke Louky) black 10/19


Kantajat/ Carrier

Sairaat/ Affected





Terve / Clear

B'Seen Ellette The Fairy (Lindridge Black Night - Pennwick Dark Elf Epic) black 01/20 

Corralet Angie Girl (Warriorlegend De Dorondon del Marquesado - Corralet Talisman I) red 11/18

Crab Apple's Dark Chocolate (Breeze Whiskey On Ice- Crab Apple's Cloudberry Fizz) 3/21

Northworth Cliche of Mine (Northworth Jaggy Wood - Manaca's Yester Year) musta

Northworth Drama With Style (Backhills Scandinavian Style - Northworth Unseen Cry) black 02/19

Northworth Origin Of Chanel (Backhills Scandinavian Style - Northworth Unseen Cry) black 12/18

Northworth Pop Star (Honeywater’s Catch Of The Day – Corralet Angie Girl) red 03/18

Northworth Target To Hit (Flyers Zim Bean – Northworth New Target) black 11/18

Northworth Yeave Ho (Manaca's Walk On The Wild Side- Northworth Lace A Lame) black & white

Shavian Send Me An Angel (Canigou Love Em And Leave Me -Shavian Hey Look This Way) black 02/19

Shavian That's Me (Backhills Your The Man - Pretty Flower's Written In Stars) black 02/19



Kantajat/ Carrier

Manaca's Sara Smile (Manaca's Walk On The Wild Side - Tres Coquette Wom Schloss Hellenste) blue roan 6/21


Sairaat / Affected