Päivitetty 14.01.2022





MDD= Mydogdna

Normaali / Normal

A One's Nil Satis Nisi Optimum (Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz - A One's Eleonora) blue roan 06/08
A One's Teodora (Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober – Blue Satin Forever A One) blue roan 05/07
Aamunkoiton Neiti Näkymätön (Cockergold I’m Still The Rockstar - Aamunkoiton Ruusunen) blue roan 10/16
Allway’s Tan Daisy (Two Pine’s Yup Yell - Allway’s Sunny Smile) blue roan tan 01/16

Allway's Voodoo Blues (Lemon Of Merrily - Allway's Voodoo Trick) red 12/21

Amore Mio of La Vie Magnifique (Lynwater Spinnig Top - White Maple Cross First Swallow) blue roan 07/15

Amulet (Apelhöjdens Othello – Northworth Pick N’ Put) red 02/16

Ancer's Victoria's Secret (Delichon Droplet - Sugarstick’s C’est La Vie) orange roan 01/17
Asvina Holy Core (Crab Apple's Peter Pan - Asvina Eager To Trust) black & white MDD 

Baysway Blue Ronnie (Bruno Prince – Baysway Blazing Kate) blue roan 08/17

Bell'mano Guantanamera (Benchmark Oliver Twist - Bell'mano Taste of Honey) blue roan 05/09

Benchmark Baby True Love (Cockergold I’m Still The Rockstar – Muskettikoiran Zafira) blue roan 12/17

Benchmark Charlotte (Finemoon Unlimited – Benchmark Cher) lemon roan 03/07
Benchmark Hermione (Westerner Dance In Time - Cockergold Cool Blue Night) blue roan MDD
Benchmark Ibiza Hippie (Manchela Shiraz – Pilula’s Caal Me American Diva) blue roan 10/12

Benchmark Lollipop (Triplet Yours Truly - Flushing Meadow's Elsa Beskow) blue roan 06/21
Benchmark Merci Michelle (Benchmark Kickshaw Knob Jr – Benchmark Michelle Melody) black & white 05/07
Benchmark Mystic Jewel (Benchmark Hemingway – Benchmark Dazzling Blue) black & white 10/12

Benchmark No One Knows My Plan (Coastline Johnny B.Good - Benchmark Early Choice) blue roan 06/21

Bernchmark One On The Rocks (Cockergold I'm Still The Rockstar - Sundance Kid) blue roan 6/21

Benchmark Orchid (Coastline Johnny B.Good – Benchmark Ever Or Never) blue roan 10/12

Benchmark Plan B (Two Pine's Potatohead - Benchmark Fun Quiz News) blue roan 6/21

Benchmark Pure Diva (Benchmark Corazon – Benchmark Visual World) blue roan & tan 03/07
Benchmark Royal Diva (Finemoon Second Sight – Pilula’s Caal Me American Diva) blue roan 11/13
Benchmark Visual World (Benchmark Oliver Twist – Benchmark Virtual Reality) blue roan 03/07
Bitcon Lucky Charmer (Glowhill Jackpot - Bitcon Miss Chief) blue roan 06/07

Bleper's Casablanca (Claramand In Action - My Decamerone Love Is In The Air) red 01/15
Bleper's Cha-Cha-Cha (Eisbär Vom Schloss Hellenstein - Bleper's Whistle) blue roan 06/09
Bleper's Tattoo (Phil Maris Marchello - Bleper's Eteri) blue roan 08/07
Bleper's Yabba-Dabba Doo (Bleper's Andron - Bleper's Fifty-fifty) blue roan 12/10
Bravo Gloria Iz Doma Radaevyh (Traibl Nest Stefani - Podarok Nebes Iz Doma Radaevyh) blue roan 06/08
Breeze Blue Angel ( Breeze Whiskey On Ice – Breeze Felinca) blue roan 07/17

Breeze Desire (Breeze Whiskey In Ice – Breeze Madde)  blue roan 07/17

Breeze Fresh Look (Francini's Pensierostupendo - Breeze Tiramisu) blue roan 06/08
Breeze Gerbera (Breeze Whiskey In Ice - Francini’s Favola) blue roan 06/15
Breeze Grace Kelly (Jusmil Ice And Fire – Breeze Jewel For You) orange roan 08/11
Breeze Jewel For You ((Francini's Pensierostupendo - Breeze Now Sonja-Maria) blue roan 06/09
Breeze Shiny Silk (Westerner Name Me dog - Breeze Now Sonja-Maria) orange roan 06/09
Breeze Sweet Sunshine (Delichon Droplet – Breeze Wild Rose) blue roan 07/17

Breeze Tahoma Doll (Bleper's Step By Step - Breeze Tiramisu) orange roan 06/09
Breeze Tennesee Tango (Bleper's Step By Step - Breeze Tiramisu) orange roan 06/09

Carrier Electric Blue (Finemoon Special Flirt - Carrier Piece Of Cake) blue roan 07/07
Claremark Ghetto Gem (Alen Ashen Romantic Blue – Claremark Blue Orchid) blue roan 01/12
Claremark Gubelin (Alen Ashen Romantic Blue – Claremark Blue Orchid) blue roan 05/11
Coastline Hippie Girl (Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz - Coastline Gift Rose) blue roan 06/07
Cockergold Cool Blue Night (Cockergold Cool N’Vital – Dan-L’s Sadly Not) blue roan 04/07

Copycock's Backyard Beauty (Engelbert Vom Schloss Hellenstein - Breeze Walerie) blue roan 03/21

Corralet Angie Girl (Warriorlegend De Dorondon del Marquesado - Corralet Talisman I) red 05/13
Crab Apple’s Apple Fizz (Leading-Light Ain’t No Saint – Raccoon’s Hip Hip Hurraa) black & white  09/13

Crab Apple's Irish Coffee (Breeze Whiskey On Ice- Crab Apple's Cloudberry Fizz) liver white 08/19 MDD

Crab Apple's Pop Prinsess(Triplet Old mster-Crab Apple's Soap Bubble) blue roan 08/19 MDD

Crownmaple Frances Prosella (Cardamine Royal Legend - Gilda Vom Odenwald) liver & tan 06/08
Cucciolandia Fucsia (Northworth A True Ashgrove – Jewel) blue roan 05/07
Cucciolandia Fulvia (Almanza Hit The Road Jack– Jewel) blue roan 05/07
Cucciolandia Princesstory (Northworth A True Ashgrove – Jewel) blue roan 10/07

Dazzlingtail's Merry-Go-Round (Benchmark Define The Rockstar - Dazzlingtail's Jumpa And Kiss Like Daddy) black& white 1/21

Debbie’s Lucky Daisy (Puttifar Happy Go Lucky – Jenlin Philadelphia) blue roan 09/16
Delichon Cirrus (Francini's Pensiestupendo - Delichon Brambleberry) blue roan 06/09
Delichon Cloudberry (Francini's Pensiestupendo - Delichon Brambleberry) blue roan 06/09
Delichon Dripdrop (Westerner Cisco Kid - Delichon Cirrus) orange roan 11/10
Delichon Flying Adder (Jenlin Sea Captain – Delichon Cirrus) orange roan MDD

Delightful Hunter Finlandia (Lindridge True Grit - Delightful Hunter Celina) orange roan 1/21
Drialty All About Almond (Ashwind’s Ivy League - Northworth Juice Almond) blue roan 09/15 

Drialty American Beauty (Ashwind’s Ivy League – Northworth Juicy Almond) blue roan 05/16

Drialty Eternar Angel (Manacas's Scream and shound - Drialty Head Over Heels) red 01/20 MDD

Eben's Light The World Up My Girl (Eben's Chase Stromy Clouds -  Eben's My Girl Is All I Want) black &tan 02/19 MDD

Eben's My Supergirl (Meryl Crisp - Eben's My Girl Rules) black 02/19 MDD

Eben's My Girl Rules (Great Escape Rules Are For Fools - Fenbrook That's My Girl) MDD
Eben's My Kind Of Gal (Waterwood The Diplomat – Margate Carte Blanche) red 04/07
Eben's Singin' In The Rain (Flyers Jim Bean - Great Escape Swing With Jazz) black 06/09

Eben's The Rain Is On Fire (Frosty Morning's Orlando- Eben's Sinning In The Rain) black &tan 02/19 MDD

Elmers Goldmine Modern Melody (Jenlin Sea Captain - Elmers Goldmine Charming Moa) blue roan tan 01/15
Elmers Goldmine Twistin Kenza (Westerner Light The Sky - Atacama’s Honey Bee) tricolor 07/15
Emba's Miss Rosa Munda (Westerner Still Of The Night – Raccoon's Piiiips Upsis) blue roan 03/07

Fenbrook Birthday Girl (Quilmhair Innis-Dubh - Fenbrook Tha'ts My Girl) black 06/09
Fenbrook Brianna (Margate Be For Real - Margate Up For Sure) black 03/07

Fenbrook Love Of My Life (Sunset D´Hell Night Day- Fenbrook Now I`m Here) red 5/21

Fenbrook Moon Flower (Lindridge Moon Catcher - Fenbrook Vital Xcuse) orange roan 06/09

Fenbrook That's My Girl (Shavian Hey Presto - Margate Up For Sure) black 02/07

Finemoon Hidden Love (Allerts Exiting News - Finemoon Miracle Of Love) blue roan MDD  7/14
Finemoon Hungry For Love (Benchmark Oliver Twist – Finemoon Worldwide Love) blue roan 03/07
Flushing Meadow's Catch The Wind (Flyers Zim Bean - Great Escape Catch Me If You Can) black MDD

Flushing Meadow's Elsa Beskow (Annilann Sergeant Blast - Benchmark Hello Lucia) blue roan 06/21

Flushing Meadow's Marie Curie (Leading-Light Dom Pérignon - Benchmark Hello Lucia) blue roan MDD

Flyers Yes I'm Style (Backhills Scandinavian Style - Flyers Giant Hope) black 03/18
Flyers Zazagabor (Flyers You Know - Flyers Baby Doll) red 06/08

Francini’s Ayda (Francini’s Ciocco Balocco - Francini’s Liquirizia) liver & white 11/16
Francini’s Notte Da Favola (Corralet Bolero – Francini's Caramella) blue roan 08/08

Francini’s Stracciatella (Francini’s Anymore – Francini’s Caffeina) liver roan 11/17

Friisin Metsänneito (Ladysplit's Deagol- Stawaskogen's Qilla) liver 05/19
Frosty Morning's Adeline (Shavian Hey Presto – Frosty Morning’s Thalassa) red 08/11
Frosty Morning's Aithne (Athos Black Petrs - Frosty Morning's Aynia) red 06/08
Frosty Morning's Apolline (Travis Gossip Starts Here - Frosty Morning's Adeline) red 06/08
Frosty Morning's Arnamentia (Lynwater Blackcap - Frosty Morning's Vanessa) black 02/08
Frosty Morning's Melisa (Stawaskogens Goofy – Whaupley Anniken) black 05/11
Frosty Morning's Mimosa (Stawaskogens Goofy – Whaupley Anniken) black & tan  01/12
Frosty Morning's Mireia (Stawaskogens Goofy - Whaupley Anniken) black 01/12 MDD

Frosty Morning's Onni Omanani(Karhurummun Beaivvas-Prännin Melkoinen Menijä) musta 07/21
Funny Girl of Black Mirage (Madman's Return of Black Mirage - Classic Mode of Black Mirage) black 10/08

Gallinagos Please Please Me (Gallinagos Knock Out - Gallinagos You're Beautiful) red 1/21

Goldbird's Ancelique (Backhills Just For You - Benchmark Merci Michelle) blue roan 05/07
Goldbird's Brilliant Girl (Francini's Ribacuori - Benchmark Merci Michelle) black & white 06/09
Goldbird's Emerald (Bleper's Take's Two To Tango - Goldbird's Ancelique) blue roan 06/09

Gold Point Be Mine (Sofus Footlights - Gold Point Cinnamon Spice) red 06/08
Gold Point Black Angel (Sofus Footlights - Gold Point Cinnamon Spice) black 06/08
Gold Point Golden Touch (Gold Point Unique Joy - Gold Point You Bet) red 06/08
Gold Point Touch of Love (Gold Point Just For You - Gold Point Tiger Touch) black 06/08
Golly Gumdrop (Maesydderwen Scamp – Cwmpengraig Black Combe) black 04/17
Great Escape Shut The Duck Up (Baysway Lucky Dime – O One’s Teodora) blue roan 08/17

Halennest Legenda Valkama (Chansy Butterfly Kartel - Halennest Unique Code) blue roan tan 07/21

Haradwater Perfect Selection (Haradwater Naught Boy – Haradwater Supreme Touch) blue roan 07/10

Heykatie du Domaine d'Haisha (Charbonnel Dutch Touch - Elisa du Domaine d'Haisha) black 07/14 MDD
Hyacinth (Coastline Johnny B.Good – Niraleen Viuhti) blue roan 09/12
Häljans I Was Made For Loving You (Artmaster’s Hole In One Jr – Paisley’s Dancing In The Night) blue roan 08/11
Häljans Saida-Queen (Paisley's Night-Watchman – Paisley's Time Is On My side) blue roan 06/09

Ice Diamond’s Last Legend (Allway’s Zumba Bumba - Ice Diamond’s Heart of Legends) blue roan 07/15

Idunvallens Caprice (Westerner Bond Street – Love Cox’s Forever Sweet Littlegirl) sable 08/13
Isbahan's U Xclusive (Isbahan's So What - Isbahan's Real Quic Chic) black 06/09

Jalabelle Beauty In Disguise (Tudormist Poacher Pocket – Moorleaf Quite A Beaty) black 05/11
Jalabelle Catch My Kiss (Line Sam Someone To Hug – Northworth Unexpected Kiss) black 05/11
Jalabelle Come Hug’n Kiss (Line Sam Someone To Hug – Northworth Unexpected Kiss) red 05/11
Jalabelle Offshore Pearl (Vito Black Petrs - Jalabelle Got Brain Got Beauty) red 05/16

Jenlin April Mist (Francini's Pensiostupendo - Jenlin Maid Of The Mist) blue roan 06/08
Jenlin Blue Avenue (Jenlin Friendly Look– Jenlin Romantic Dreams) blue roan 04/07

Jenlin Jump For Joy(Backhills Your The Man-Jenlin Pipchin) blue roan 10/21
Jenlin Love Letter (Finemoon Unlimited – Jenlin Blue Avenue) blue roan 03/07
Jenlin Love Poem (Finemoon Unlimited - Jenlin Blue Avenue) black & white 11/07
Jenlin Shavannah (Crawford Hot Chocolate – Benchmark Hot Stuff) orange roan 05/07

Juhannusloitsu(Copycock's Backyard Beayty-Cockerry Espresso)liver 12/21MDD
Jusmil Ice Pearl (A'fransmanni Des Pyramides De Cholu - Volfrad Marry-Liiz'ly) blue roan tan 04/10


Kantelettaren Mielikki (Jalabelle Bohemian Rhapsody – Breeze Grace Kelly) red 02/14

Keltaisen Talon Ester(Lahdenhovin Arvo-Dream Bell's Adele)orange roan 07/21


Ladysplit's Bianca (Travis Vital Spark - Margate Bethany Mae) black 07/14 MDD
Ladysplit's Gloriana (Ladysplit's Dinodas - Multifarious Adalmiina) black MDD
Ladysplit's Goldielocks (Ladysplit's Dinodas - Multifarious Adalmiina) black  07/14 MDD

Lahjakas Brilliant (Mikalus Passepartout -  Violet Melody) tricoclour 03/17

Lahjakas Gloria (Ladecourt Bevis- Lahjakas Brilliant) black and white 05/18 MDD

Lahjakas Hepuli (Ladysplit's Headstrong - Lahjakas Aamelia) black 07/18 MDD

Lahjakas Huima (Ladysplit's Headstrong - Lahjakas Aamelia) black 07/18 MDD

Lahjakas Hulina (Ladysplit's Headstrong - Lahjakas Aamelia) black 07/18 MDD

Lahjakas Ilonan Omena (Runrunrun Double Down - Violet Melody) golden MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Isintyttö (Runrunrun Double Down - Violet Melody) lemon roan MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Jade Jalalla Koreaksi (Wild Type Be Me Pawnee - Lahjakas Dalasi) black MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Jenni Jekuttaja (Wild Type Be Me Pawnee - Lahjakas Dalasi) black MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Julia Juhannusheila (Wild Type Be Me Pawnee - Lahjakas Dalasi) liver MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Juuliska Junantuoma (Wild Type Be Me Pawnee - Lahjakas Dalasi) liver MDD 6/20

Lammenpein Adalmiina (Flushing Meadow's Dirac - Debbie's Lucky Cinderella) orange roan 02/20 MDD

Lammenpein Alinda (Flushing Meadow's Dirac - Debbie's Lucky Cinderella) blue roan 02/20 MDD

Lammenpein Blueberry Pie(Shavian On In A MIllion-Lammenpein Adalmiina) blue roan 08/21

Lammenpein Rose-Hip Tea(Shavian One In A Million-Lammenpein Adalmiina) blue roan 08/21

Leading-Light I Say I Say I Say (Bleper's Step By Step - Leading-Light Somelike It Hot) orange roan 06/09
Leading-Light Some Like it Hot (Fools Alibaba – Breeze Nightshift) orange & white 03/07
Lecibsin Blue Design (Westerner Cisco Kid - Beatitude) blue roan 08/13

Lepänojan Felissa (Two Pine’s Tornaasorrento – Sasa van de Dollardhoeve) black & tan 02/14

Lochdene Silver Belle (Manchela Silver Ghost – Lochdene Little Doris) blue roan 08/17
Lumoava Selene (Birhcfire Hig Hopes – Tähtimetsä Hilma) blue roan 03/14
Lumoava Venus (Birchfire Hig Hopes – Tähtimetsä Hilma) black & white 03/14


Manaca's As a Pin(Manaca'a Walk On The Wild Side-Manaca's Strawberry Fields)orange roan 12/21

Manaca’s Sara Smile (Manaca’s Walk On The Wild Side – Trés Coquette vom Schloss Hellenstein) blue roan 02/13
Manaca's Up Up And Away (Manaca's General Idea - Manaca's Main Attraction) blue roan tan 06/09

Manaca's Xcuse My Conduct (Northworth Madman's Return - Manaca's Alice In Chains) red 03/07

Margate Figure Of Fun(Keladity Wait Tan See-Margate Keep Kisses Comin)black 04/21

Merazure Artemis (Diskatia Nightknight - Merazure Youling Winner) black 03/19

Merazure Whisper Of Fame (Vitahotellet's Aragon - Merazure Rich-In-Luck) red

Merazure Winner Take All (Vitahotellet's Aragon - Merazure Rich-In-Luck) red

Merazure Yowling Winner (Kristala Cockwave's Fast Mover - Merazure Nostalgic Azure) black 07/18

Moorleaf Quite A Beauty (Pansy's Feelin' Groovy - Moorleaf Gleam Of Hope) red 06/08
Multifarious Adalmiina (Witch-Hunt's Eddie Vedder - Saxaphone Derwent) black 01/12 MDD

Multifarious Briljantti (Poolgreen Cole - Saxaphone Nyles) black 01/19
Muskettikoiran Fantasy Fanny (Benchmark Bestseller – Muskettikoiran Alexsandra) blue roan 04/07
Muskettikoiran Zafira (Benchmark Oliver Twist – Muskettikoiran Pamela) tricolour 10/12

Muskettikoiran Yasmin (Toalmark Jove - Muskettikoiran Zafira)blue roan 03/19

Namusillaan Mareta (Whaupley Tramp - Red Garlic's Hjortron) golden 07/2013 MDD

Nightlane's Hungry Hunter (Leading-Light Strikes Back – Nightlane's Stars Hunter) black & white 04/07
Nightlane's Eveningstar (Westerner Marching Order - Nightlane's Hungry Hunter) orange white 08/07
Nightlane’s Goldenrose (Skjervtun’s Wanna Be – Nightlane’s Wildrose) orange roan 12/13
Nightlane’s One Lonely Rose (Backhills Your the Man la Night – Nightlane’s Goldenrose) blue roan 06/18 MDD

Night Whisper  Gregoriana (Finemoon Bring It On - Night Whisper Blueberry Kiss) blueroan  1/20

Niraleen Viuhti (Jusmil Ice And Fire – Rassel’s Quite A Hit) blue roan tan 09/12

Northworth American Raccoon (Raccoon's Quite A Bomb – Ashgrove Captivating) blue roan 03/07

Northworth Done With Pride (Northworth Trick of The Tail – Northworth Unseen Cry) red 10/13
Northworth Heat The Shot ( Manaca’s Trick Of The Tail – Northworth Shot Too Hot) red 01/16

Northworth Holy But Hot (Manaca’s Trick of The Tail - Northworth Shot Too Hot) red 01/16
Northworth Hot Is Hot (Manaca’s Trick of The Tail - Northworth Shot Too Hot) red 01/16
Northworth Heat The Shot (Manaca’s Trick of The Tail - Northworth Shot Too Hot) red 01/16
Northworth Juicy Almond (Help’s Cappuccino – Northworth New Target) black & white 03/11

Northworth Knee For Me (Manaca’s Trick Of The Tail - Northworth Me And Me) red 06/16

Northworth Someones Catch (Honeywather’s Catch Of The Day – Northworth Me and Me) red 07/17

Northworth Unexpected Kiss (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein - Northworth Jar Against All) black 03/09

Notop's Funny Flora (Ten Grade's Seven Eleven-Margate Figure Of Fun) black 08/21

Notop's Vividly Vanni(Merry Coctails Yoel-Margate Figure Of Fun) red 08/21

Oakhill Academy Darling Companion (Brentpool's Rhyhm And Blues - Muskettikoiran La Bamba) blue roan 12/20
Oakhill Academy Mystery Footsteps (Brentpool’s Rhyhm And Blues – Northworth Go Go Go) black 01/16

Oakhill Academy Nitty Gritty (Coastline Johnny B.Good – Oakhill Academy Darling Companion) blue roan 01/16
Oakhill Academy Odds And Ends (Manaca’s Trick of The Tail – Oakhill Academy June Carter) black and tan 01/16
Oakhill Academy Picture Perfect (Cara’s Jedediah – Northworth Go Go Go) red 01/16

Olipa's Bijou (Northworth A True Ashgrove - Olipa's Illuusia) black & white 10/07
Olipa’s Nocturne (Benchmark Revolutionary Road - Olipa’s Filiola) blue roan 04/16
Olipa's Prima Vista (Northworth A True Ashgrove – Olipa's Manteli) black & white 10/07
Olipa's Unica (Finemoon Second Sight - Olipa's Prima Vista) black & white 06/08

Pennwick Dragon Of Erebor (Ozzie Black Petrs - Pennwick After All) black & tan 05/14

Pihka Pahkan Jäkälä (Allway’s Zumba Bumba – Pihka Pahkan Liekki) orange roan 10/18
Pretty Flower Hot Gossip (Backhill's Just For You – Leading-Light Amazon Princess) black & white 08/07

Prännin Mahtava Menopeli (Ladecourt Bevis - Frosty Morning's Melisa) black MDD
Puvepapan Coc-O-Nut Princess (Benchmark Quidditch King - Benchmark Issey Miyake) orange roan 11/16

Raccoon's Blue Recall (Stocdale Orange Girl - Raccoon's Golden Touch) blue roan 03/07
Raccoon's Hip Hip Hurraa (Finemoon Unlimited – Raccoon's Jippijippijii) black & white 03/07
Raccoon's Impulsive Lady (Stocdale Orange Call - Raccoon's All Shook Up) blue roan 04/07
Raccoon's Without Doubt (Finemoon Second Sight - Raccoon's Infinite Joy) black & white 03/07
Raikuli-Pojan Lucky Girl (Finemoon Second Sight - Raccoon's I'm Charming) blue roan 05/07
Rancecraig Clare Of the Moon (Butterburn Right On At Rancecraig – Tvaeraa Ring Of Confidence At Rancecraig) blue roan 05/07
Ranceraig My Fair Lady (Gloudhowe Blue Banner - Ranceraig Miss Devine) blue roan 4/09

Rassel's Dirty Dancing(Edvin Schönez-Manaca's Through My Eyes)lac 08/21
Rassel's Quite A Sable (Strawberry Line’s Bounty – Rassel's Ladylike) blue roan sable 06/11
Rassel's Xaviera Stella (Isbeau Black Petrs – Rassel's Ladylike) blue roan 11/17

Rosswind Flaming Fire (Margate Gordon Bennet - Margate Wind And Fire) red 06/09

Rosswind Visa In Use (Cassom Twist'N'Shout - Northworth Kind Of Cugar) black 04/19
Rosswind Kiss'n'Make Up (Usemade Deep Secret - Margate Wise Up) black 06/09

Sanaigmore Dawn (Timsgarry Valtos - Contrail Golden Girl) golden MDD
Saxaphone Nyles (Saxophone Spyro – endowood Ameliah of Saxaphone) black 05/16
Shavian Bitch Is Back (XXL of Black Mirage – Shavian Russian Roulette) black 05/07
Shavian Hey Look This Way (Shavian Hey Presto - Shavian Giulietta) red MDD
Shavian No Mercy (XXL Of Black Mirage - Shavian Russian Roulette) black 01/07
Shavian Said And Done (Flyers Zim Bean - Say Presto Of Black Mirage) red 07/15
Shavian Soul Mate (Northworth Madman's Return – Shavian Black Velvet) black 01/07
Shavian Zing-Zing (XXL Of Black Mirage – Shavian Hush-Hush) black 05/07
Sheerclever Wicked Game (Hamilton du Domaine de Makno - Charbonnel Sheer Clever) black 03/07
Shimmerian Sweetheart (Fenbrook Ain't No Other - Shimmerian Viva La Diva) black & tan 06/09
Sinnilän Miimii (Saxondawn Elton Of Breezybrook - Namusillan Mareta) golden MDD
Sobelina’s Black Valentina (Two Pine’s Tornaasorrento – Water-Blue’s Malcolmina) black & tan 07/15

Speck Line Be My Sunshine (Travis Vital Spark - Jenlin Savannah) blue roan 06/08
Speck Line Be My Sunshine (Travis Vital Spark - Jenlin Savannah) blue roan 06/08

Speck Line Ilo Joka Elättelöö (X-paws Xplosive - Manaca's Look Low And Behold) blue roan MDD

Speck Line Kultasiipi (Jutrix High On Life - Manaca's Look Low and Behold) orange roan 07/13 MDD

Spack Line Savannah (Flashdance Kind of Magic - Speck Line Tuulten Viemää) blue roan 03/19 MDD

Spectrolite's Be My Queen (Jenlin Starquest - Backhills Ice Queen) orange roan 06/08

Sugarvalley Dream Fairy Princess (Pretty Sables Read My Lips - Sugarvalley Midnight Apus) blue roan 3/21
Sweetie-pie Amusing (Sweetie-Pie Tipperary - Withersslope Vanessa Mae) orange roan 06/08
Sweetie-pie Athena (Sweetie-Pie Tipperary - Withersslope Vanessa Mae) orange roan 06/08
Sweet One's Summer Night (Leading-Light Dom Perignon – Isbahan’s U Xclusive) black 06/14
Sweet Scrumpy (Maesydderwen Scamp – Cwmpengraig Black Combe) liver 04/17
Tarrendayle Strawberry Fields (Whitfield Bluvu Silver N Gold - Tarrendayle From the heart) orange roan MDD

Travis Maine Line (Travis Miles Of Smiles – Travis Maine Course) blue roan 07/08

Triplet Blue Rosalie (Backhills New Design - Baysway Blue Ronnie) blue roan 1/20 MDD

Triplet Dulce Bella (Triplet Old Master - Triplet Fantasia) blue roan 1/20 MDD

Triplet Haliotis Iris (Quilmhair Innis-Dubh - Triplet Lapis Lazuli) black 07/15

Triplet Paua Pearl ( Vitahotellets Herr Arne - Triplet Haliotis Iris) black 1/20 MDD

Triplet Rainbow Suprise (Skjervtun's Wanna Be -Triplet Oyster Pearl) orange roan 1/20 MDD

Triplet Too-Ticky (Lindridge Bolt From The Blue - Triplet Yes Indeed) blue roan 1/20 MDD

Triplet Yes Indeed (Kyna By Request – Triplet Karamel) blue roan 08/17
Two Pine's Halo (Dreamfilla's Bannana - Two Pine's Khamseen) red MDD
Two Pine's Rush Hour (Two Pine's Yup Yell - Two Pine's Halo) black MDD
Two Pine's Trionfo d'Amore (Francini's Encantolatino - Two Pine's Empire Earth) black 06/09

Tähtimetsä Anastasia (Lynwater Forecaster – Damirazin Bikku-Bimu) orange roan 10/07
Tähtimetsä Carina (Westerner Wedding Singer – Damirazin Bikku-Bimu) black & white 10/07
Tähtimetsä Hilma (Leading-Light Ain’t No Saint – Tähtimetsä Carina) black & white  11/12
Tähtimetsä Pam Pam Pamela (Gentleman Vom Rosenhof – Tähtimetsä Lempi) tricolor 12/17

Vicky Leen Astrid The Beloved (Backhills Your The Man - Travis Wood Elf) blueroan 01/20 MDD
Violet Melody (Kiltonbeck Warlord - Pipperhaye's Memphis Belle) golden 07/14 MDD
Water-Blue’s Malcolmina (Natisja’s Riothamus – Water-Blue’s Vilhelmina) sable 08/13
Whaupley Anniken (Whaupley Reiver - Nancarrow Cinamon) liver 06/07 MDD
Wild Darling Royal Light Of Life (Leading-Light Dom Pérignon - Debbie’s Lucky Daisy) orange roan MDD 12/16

Wood-Nymph Kate (Wood-Nymph Dave Crockett - Miklaus Hazelnut) liver 1/20 MDD

Zozaux Berthe La Delicatesse (I'm Yours Vom Wulfekamp - Asvina Just Adorable) red 05/20

Kantaja / Carrier
Olipa's Illuusia (Finemoon Unlimited - Olipa's Manteli) blue roan 03/07

Sweetie-pie California Kiss (Shavian Cosa Nostra - Sweetie-pie Violetta) red 06/08

Namusillan Mareta (Whaupley Tramp - Red Garlic's Hjortron) golden MDD (epävirallinen)

Speck Line Kultasiipi (Jutrix High On Life - Manaca's Look Low And Behold) orange roan MMD (epävirallinen)