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Normaali / Normal

Alen Ashen Happy Day (Alen Ashen Don Kihot – Nickel And Dimes Good Day Sunshine) orange roan 07/11
Almanza Hit The Road Jack (Manaca's On The Road - Whoops A Daisy) blue roan 03/07

Alway's License To Laugh(Backhills Fid As A Fiddle-Allway's Peep Show) black 10/21

Ancer's A Little Devil(Travis Wood Wind-Backhills Myfair Lady) blue roan 10/21

April Fire Black Petrs (Princ Tobias Od Bukové Studánky – Needs A Chance Black Petrs) red 10/17

Athos Black Petrs (Charbonnel Star Wars - Olivia In Black Petrs) black 01/07

Backhills Just For You (Powerscourt Pied Piper – Backhills Farah Diba) blue roan 03/07
Backhills Your The Man (Travis Miles Of Smiles - Travis Keep It Classy) blue roan 01/15

Black Lord In White Disguise(Black Lord The Special One-Doubtless Sparkling Freckles)blue roan 07/21
Bell'mano Giorgio Armani (Benchmark Oliver Twist - Bell'mano Taste of Honey) blue roan 05/07
Benchmark Corazon (Finemoon Unlimited – Benchmark Cher) orange roan 08/07

Benchmark Define Rockstar (Cockergold I'm Still The Rockstar-Benchmark Joval Musk) blue roan 3/21
Benchmark Hard Rock Café (Benchmark Ultima Thule – Benchmark Twisted Sister) lemon roan 03/07
Benchmark Indigo (Manchela Shiraz – Pilula’s Caal Me American Diva) blue roan 12/12
Benchmark Mr Jack Nicklaus (Blue Satin Hole In One – Benchmark Principle Girl) blue roan 03/07
Benchmark Oliver Twist (Benchmark Octopussy - Benchmark Michelle Melody) blue roan 03/07
Benchmark Poetry In Motion (Benchmark Corazon - Benchmark Visual World) blue roan tan MDD
Benchmark Revolutionary Road (Finemoon Second Sight – Pilula’s Caal Me American Diva) blue roan 11/13
Benchmark Sinning Musk (Westerner Cisco Kid – Breeze Joval Musk) orange roan 11/13
Bleper's Takes Two To Tango (Phil Maris Marchello - Eteri Bleper's) blue roan 06/09
Breeze Rise Early (Francini's Pensierostupendo - Breeze Sugarbite) blue roan 06/08
Breeze Wisconsin (Francini's Rubacuori - Breeze Tiramisu) black & white 06/08
Breeze Xante Avec (Hochachtungsvoll Vom Schloss Hellenstein - Francini's Favola) blue roan MDD
Breeze Xaukki Maybe Tracker (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein – Francini’s Favola) blue roan 04/15

Claremark Elegant Ethan (Alen Ashen Johnny Cake - Claremark Dashing Dana) blue roan 06/09

Coastline Heavy Metal (Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz - Coastline Gift Rose)
Coastline Johnny B.Good (Bitcon Lets Dance – Coastline Hippie Girl) blue roan 10/12

Cobarn Distant Drums (Lochranza Pathfinder - Guldkulans Classic Brilliant) red 03/13

Cockergold I'm Still The Rockstar (Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream - Cockergold Cute N'blue) blue roan 03/20

Crap Apple's Hiawatha ( Sjervtun's Wanna Be - Crab Apples White Chocolate) lemon roan 07/15

Crab Apple's Rock'N'Roller (Triplet Old Master - Crab Apple's Soap Bubble) blue roan 02/19 MDD

Crawford Hot Chocolate (Lynwater Forecaster - Crawford Tell About Love) liver roan 03/07
Crawford Sweet Soprano (Francini's Rubacuori - Crawford Sweet Chocolate)  blue roan  06/08 

Cynhinfa Lincoln (Chyknell Gold Star – Cynhinfa Hilary Of Lockslane) golden 09/12 MDD

Delichon Droplet (Westerner Cisco Kid - Delichon Cirrus) orange roan 11/10 MDD

Dazzlingtail's Gentleman Like Daddy ( Fenbrook Change Is Gonna Come - Barecho Four Wheel Drive) black&white 1/21

Dazzlingtail's Little Bit Crazy Like Daddy (Triplet Yours Truly - Dazzlingtail´s Exclusively Yours) black&white 1/21

Derrycullen Moonstone of Moelfamau (Lockslane Archibald – Flora Spredabel) black 10/13 MDD
Diskatia Nightknight (Gallinagos Smooth Operator – Diskatia Nightfall) black 07/18

Doubtless For A Lifetime (Lochranza Matador - Doubtless Playing For Memories) black MDD
Drialty Dancing With Fire (Charbonnel Blue’nYellow - Northworth Juice Almond) blue roan 06/15 

Edwin Schönez (Backhills I Like It - Alizée Schönez) black 05/14

Engelbert vom Schloss Hellenstein (Royal Dragon vom Schloss Hellenstein – Midwinter Kimberly Lady Blue) orange roan 07/17

Fashion Show Of Black Mirage (Madman's Return Of Black Mirage - Classic Mode Of Black Mirage) black 01/07

Fenbrook Ain't No Other (Travis Vital Spark - Manaca's Xcuse My Conduct) blue roan 08/07
Finemoon Fair Warning (Raccoon's The Wonderboy - Finemoon Worldwide Love) blue roan 03/07
Flashdance Kind Of Magic (Charbonnel Blue'n'Yellow - Flashdance Good Morning Sunshine) blue roan MDD

Flyers Abrakadabra (Flyers Iron Man Tan - Rosswind Shut Up And Dance) black 4/19

Francini's Encanto Latino (Zivaco Della Kalesa – Pulcinella Orchidea) black 08/08
Frosty Morning's Aristide (Travis Gossip Starts Here - Frosty Morning's Adeline) red 06/08

Frosty Mornings Fernando (Woolbails Villimies - Kuusiviidan Cora) black MDD 07/20

Gentleman vom Rosenhof (Emil z Košickej - Cona vom Rosenhof) tricolour 04/10
Gold Point Just For You (Flyers You Know – Gold Point Velvet Touch) black 05/07
Gold Point Unique Joy (Lochranza Jack Daniels – Gold Point Moulin Rouge) red 05/07

Great Escape Poetry Revisited (Benchmark Poetry in Motion – A One's Teodora) blue roan & tan 03/07
Great Escape Rules Are For Fools (Line Sam Hot Black Pepper – A One’s Teodora) black 03/13
Guns'n'Roses Of Black Mirage (Trocadero's Coppergold - Golden Eye Of Black Mirage) red 05/07

Hochachtungsvoll Vom Schloss Hellenstein (Terriles Tysilo-Wundertute Vom Schloss Hellenstein) Blue roan 6/18
Haradwater Nobleman (Haradwater Make Dream – I’m Haradwater Silhouette of Black Milk) blue roan 05/09
Heart Rock The Living Daylights (Casein's Campania - Häljans Saida-Queen) blue roan MDD
Hunterfull Grace'n Glory (Weeping Willow's Chang - Hunterfull Apple Blossom) tricolor MDD 

Jalabelle Cherry Jubilee (Line Sam Someone To Hug – Northworth Unexpected Kiss) orange roan 05/11
Jalabelle Got Love For Sale (Westerner Name Me Dog – Jalabelle Beauty In Disguise) orange roan 02/14

Jalabelle Offshore Pearl (Vito Black Petrs - Jalabelle Got Brain Got Beauty) red 05/16
Jenlin Starquest (Crawford Hot Chocolate - Benchmark Hot Stuff) blue roan 06/08
Jusmil Ice And Fire (A'fransmanni Des Pyramides De Cholu - Volfrad Marry-Liiz'ly) Blue roan tan 11/10

Karlo vom Gartltal (Simply The Best vom Schloss Hellenstein - Claire vom Migiccircle) blue roan MDD 11/16

Ladysplit's Connor (Leading-Light Bang-A Boomerang - Merazure Ocean And Sky) black 06/08

Lahjakas Aamen (Sweetchariot Brandy Snap – Frosty Morning’s Mireia) black & tan 04/17 MDD

Lahjakas Beltsi (Miklaus Passepartout – Violet Melody) black & white 16/12

Lahjakas Copper (Frosty Morning’s Orlando – Violet Melody) liver & tan 06/16

Lahjakas Denaari (Cobarn Distant Drums – Frosty Morning’s Mireia) black & tan 06/16

Lahjakas Gansteri (Ladecourt Bevis - Lahjakas Brilliant) black and white 05/18 MDD

Lahjakas Genre (Ladecourt Bevis - Lahjakas Brilliant) black and white 05/18 MDD

Lahjakas Goofy (Ladecourt Bevis - Lahjakas Brilliant) black and white 05/18 MDD

Lahjakas Guru (Ladecourt Bevis - Lahjakas Brilliant) black and white 05/18 MDD

Lahjakas Ihmemies (Runrunrun Double Down - Violet Melody) golden MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Ikioma Supernova (Runrunrun Double Down - Violet Melody) golden MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Jaska James Bond (Wild Type Be Me Pawnee - Lahjakas Dalasi) black MDD 6/20

Lahjakas Jestamandee James Dean (Wild Type Be Me Pawnee - Lahjakas Dalasi) black MDD 6/20

Lancelot Von Limbruck (Athena's Product Sweet Dream Choice - Cvaedi von Limbruck) liver & tan 06/08
Leading-Light Ain't No Saint (Crawford Hot Chocolate – Leading-Light Some Like It Hot) orange roan 03/07

Leading-Light Bugs Bunny ( Cucciolandia Oro - Leading Light Cosmic Girl) orange roan
Leading-Light Strikes Back (Fools Alibaba – Breeze Nightshift) orange & white 03/07

Leading-Light Tar N-Feathers (Backhills Just For You -  Leading-Light Feuer Frei) 1/20
Lecibsin Blue Renny (Westerner Cisco Kid – Beatitude) blue roan 06/16

Lindridge Black Knight (Molkara Exige - Lindridge Carnaival Queen) black MDD
Line Sam A Hug For Piece (Line Sam Someone To Hug – Line Sam Always On The Sunny Side) black 01/12
Line Sam Someone To Hug (Line Sam Piece Of Cake – Line Sam Miss Marmelstein) black 01/12

Lingonberry's Emporio Armani(Rainstorm's Latest News - Sugarstick's Grazy In Love) blue roan 02/19

Madman's Return of Black Mirage (Lochranza Black Mirage - Tainted Girl Of Black Mirage) black 05/07

Manaca's Different Kind Of Blue (Manaca's Luck of The Irish - Manaca's It's All In The Name) blue roan MDD
Manaca’s Scream And Shout (Sharemead Golden Syrup – Manaca’s Dreamin’ The Dream) red 11/13
Manaca's Young Gifted N'Black (Charbonnel Manacas Design - Manaca's Main Attraction) black 11/10

Manchela Shiraz (Lindridge Star Quest - Manchela Chianti) blue roan 06/08

Margate All In All (Honetwater's Catch Of The Days - Margate As If ) red 01/20

Merazure Yammer Boy (Kristala Cockwave's Fast Mover - Merazure Nostalgic Azure) black 02/19

Merry Cocktails Yoel (Claramand Ricochet-Silk'n Shine Hypnotiq Breeze) black 05/21
Miklaus Onpa Metka (Banducia Oden - Guns Choice Black Pearl) blue roan MDD
Mistily's Commander Blue (Mistily's Amber Gamber - Charbonnel Grace 'N' Favour) blue roan 03/07

Multifarious Mr Bond (Poolgreen Cole - Saxaphone Nyles) 1/20 MDD

Northworth A True Ashgrove (Raccoon's Quite A Bomb - Ashgrove Captivating) black & white 03/07

Northworth Head To Wind (Haradwater Solar Eclipse - Northworth Yeave Ho) black & white 4/21

Northworth Hijack My Heart ( Manaca’s Trick Of The Tail – Northworth Shot Too Hot) red 02/16
Northworth Jacket Of Jeager (Help’s Cappuccino – Northworth New Target) blue roan 08/11

Northworth Jaggy Wood (Woodman Black Petrs - Northworth Madam´s Match) red 05/09
Northworth Jalbreak With Tea (Backhill’s Your The Man - Northworth Tea For Two) black & white 05/16
Northworth Lake Poet (Backhills New Desing - Jaturga Vom Schoss Hellenstein) 12/07
Northworth Long Last Love (Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream – Northworth Transfer Time) black & white 09/12

Northworth Mad Situation (Northworth Madman's Return - Northworth Hue And Cry) red 01/08

Northworth Nothing Else Matters (Honeywater's Catch Of The Day - Northworth Target To Hit) black 12/17
Northworth Online Style (Backhills Scandinavian Style - Northworth Unseen Cry) black 05/17
Northworth Racing Master (Honeywather’s Catch Of The Day – Northworth Chancon D’amour) red 07/17

Norvale Toffee Banoffee (Strawberry Line's Bounty - Norvale Crystal) orange roan 06/09
Oakhill Academy On A Roll (Manaca’s Trick of The Tail – Oakhill Academy June Carter) red 01/16
Oakhill Academy On Fire (Manaca’s Trick of The Tail – Oakhill Academy June Carter) black and tan 01/16
Oakhill Academy Pick of The Litter (Cara’s Jedediah – Northworth Go Go Go) black 01/16
Oakhill Academy Prim And Propper (Cara’s Jedediah – Northworth Go Go Go) black 01/16
Olipa's Dream Team (Olipa's Illuusia - Northworth Atrue Ashgrove) black & white 01/09
Olipa's Swing Sound (Fenbrook Change Is Gonna Come - Olipa's Hockey Fan) blue roan MDD
Olipa’s Tempo (Birchfire Hig Hopes – Olipa’s Filiola) orange roan 04/13 MDD
Olipa’s Trioli (Birchfire Hig Hopes - Olipa’s Filiola) tricolour 04/16

Paisley's Thriller (Woodman Black Perts - Paisley's Eleanor Rigby) red 10/08

Pilula's Caal Me Midnight Chrysler (Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz - Pilula's Caal Me Manifique Berta) orange & white 04/07

Pretty Flower's Rama Lama Ding Dong (Pretty Flower's Unus Sed Leo - Pretty Flower's Pants On Fire) blue roan 3/19
Pretty Flower’s Super Trouper (Leading-Light Banga-Boomerang – Leading-Light Amazon Princess) black & white 03/13

Raccoon's Really Special (Finemoon Unlimited – Raccoon's Jippijippijii) blue roan 03/07
Raccoon's The Wonderboy (Crawford Hot Chocolate - Northworth American Raccoon) blue roan 03/07
Rancecraig Scottish Gent (Los Ombues Vip At Bencleuch - Rancecraig Gaiety Girl) blue roan 05/07

Sagobackens Fit As a Fiddle (Two Pine's Potatohead - Manaca's Neat As a Pin) orange roan) 09/21

Shavian As Promised (Travis Gossip Starts Here - Shavian Soul Mate) red 12/07
Shavian Cosa Nostra (Harmodius Goody-Woody-Gold - Quettadene Personality) red 08/08
Shavian Hey Presto (Harmodius Goody-Woody-Gold - Quettadene Personality) red 12/07
Shavian Four Bells (Athos Black Petrs - Funny Girl Of Black Mirage) black 11/07
Shimmerian Veni Vidi Vici (Travis Able And Willing - Shimmerian Emerald) red 06/09
Sorcery's Catch A Falling Star (Quettadene Wild Oats - Furberky Rambling Rose) black 01/07

Skjervtun’s Wanna Be (Casein Campania – Skjervtun’s Playmate Express) orange roan 08/17
Strawberry Line’s Bounty (Cardamine The Sable King – Peach Passion’s Fontana Di Trevi) orange roan 09/11
Sweetchariot Brandy Snap (Shackleton Ceri of Sweetchariot) liver MDD

Tajmahal I Have A Dream (Tajmahal Indian-Maharadscha - Tajmahal Indian-Charm) red 1/09
Teacon Leonardo (Teacon Xex Machine – Teacon Rhief Of Hearts) red 10/17

Team Thidas Darkwood Blue (Line Sam Come Together – Zeltzin’s Blue Moon) blue roan tan 09/11
Toalmark Alabaster Boy (Phil Maris Vivien – Phil Maris Little Scarlet) blue roan & tan 05/07
Toalmark Cool N'Brown (Toalmark Aquamarine Blue – Volfrad Mari'ana Sophie) liver roan & tan 04/07

Travis Connecting People (Travis Vital Spark – Travis Paranoid & Sunburnt) black 09/07

Triplet By Design (Backhill's New Design - Baysway Blue Ronnie) black and white  01/20

Triplet Dreamrider (Triplet Old Master - Triplet Fantasia) blue roan 4/21

Triplet Old Master (Ranceraig Scottish Gent – Lochdene Silver Belle) blue roan 04/17

Triplet Unforgettable Aramis (Triplet Varangin -Triplet Declares A War) black 1/20 MDD

Tuulentain Rakkauren Tähren (Leading Light Provocation - Leading Light Elegance At A Glance) blue roan 

Tähtimetsä Amadeus (Lynwater Forecaster – Damirazin Bikku-Bimu) orange roan 10/07

Usemade Deep Secret (Usemade Love For Sale - Usemade On High Hells) red 10/08

Vignoble Champenois de Quadragant (Bencleuch Bruichladdich - Lynwater Trefoil) orange roan

Walanos Harvest Moon(Lidridge Ticket To Ride-Manaca's Sara Smile) Blue roan 11/21
Walking Shadow's As You Like It (Sirkiss Red Velvet - Sheerclever Wicked Game) black 03/07

Westerner Dance In Time (Westerner Timekeeper - Bomway Over The Moon) blue roan 06/08
Westerner Illusion Of Magic (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Westerner Beautiful Mind) blue roan 06/08
Westerner Name Me Dog (Westerner Hi-Flyer – Westerner Take A Raincheck) orange roan 09/12
Westerner Wedding Singer (Carillo Cloud Nine – Westerner Wild At Heart) blue roan 04/07

Wild Darling Name Of The Game(Northworth Online Style - Debbie's Lucky Daisy) black 02/19 MDD
Willy Wonka Z Chalupecké Louky  (Gandalf Of Merrily - Rihana Z Chalupecké Louky) black 12/14
Witch-Hunt's Eddie Vedder (Searover Mickey Mouse - Stawaskogens Aska) black 06/09 MDD
Woolbails Villimies (Meadowsedge Ptarmigan - Hollybrecken Raleigh) black 12/15
XXL Of Black Mirage (Charbonnel Glenmartin- "Love Me True" of Black Mirage) black 01/07


Kantaja / Carrier

Travis Sparkling Connection (Travis In it To Win It – Travis Painted Smile) black MDD

Triplet Halphen Red (Quilmhair Innis Dubh - Triplet Lapis Lazuli) red 1/21