About us

Cockerspanielit ry is the Finnish cocker spaniel breed club, which has been established in 1980. The club is registered in Helsinki but its members and operations cover the whole of Finland. Cockerspanielit ry is a member of the Finnish Kennel Club.

The main task of the club is to maintain the quality and welfare of the breed and to distribute information about the breed to its members as well as to the general public. The club also shares current information on available puppies, forth-coming litters and older cocker spaniels looking for a permanent home.

The club organises the breed specialty show every year, training days as well as various tests and events in tracking, hunting, obience and agility, for instance.

The club magazine ’Cockerspanieli’ is published four times a year and sent to members free of charge.

For more information about the club and its committees, please contact the club chairman or secretary:

Markku Korpi

Anu Ikonen

Membership fees 2024

You can join the association by contacting the membership secretary.
Aila Tarkiainen, Kelotie 12, 50120 Mikkeli
tel. 044 340 8657


We will send you the membership fee invoice as an attachment to an email.
Address changes should also be notified to the membership secretary.

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