Erikoisnäyttely 2008

    Michael Gadsby:

Michael Parkinson:

   pentuluokka 5-7 kk

   Two Pine’s Various Vibe

   1. KP Two Pine’s Various Vibe
   “Nice expression, foreface needs to develop a little, good forechest, shoulders too straight,
    upper arm very good, very good body proportions, short strong loin, well angulated rear,
    although standing slightly cow hocked, hopefully this will develop with age, very stylish on
    move, good carriage.”

   2. Olipa’s Gold Shimmer
   3. Great Escape Monster’s Ball
   4. Gold Point Black Jack

   pentuluokka 7-9 kk

   VSP-PENTU Two Pine’s Ulugh Beg

   1. KP VSP-PENTU Two Pine’s Ulugh Beg
   “A little feminine for his age, nicely proportioned, very good upper arm, head is refined but
    needs to develop, long neck, good topline, very good quarters, front legs are not straight, nice
    coat texture, good profile in movement, firm topline, needs to develop a lot, but is promising.”

   2. KP Asvina Do Nonsuchthing
   3. Olipa’s Faustus
   4. Kristala Cockwave’s First One


   Flyers King Of Whisky

   ERI 1 Flyers King Of Whisky
   ”Handsome, good head, adequate neck, too straight in shoulder, upper arm also a little
    straight, as a result an incorrect sloping topline, very good proportions, superb coat, well
    presented, very good rear assembly, excellent tailset, very good character, really stylish, very
    good drive, very sound, holding excellent outline, overall in good condition. ”

   ERI 2 Hooligan Hollywoodgigolo
   ERI 3 Frosty Morning’s Aristide
   ERI 4 Sylvester Stallone vom Rauhen Holz


   PU1 SERT VSP Fenbrook Ain’t No Other

   ERI 1 PU1 SERT VSP Fenbrook Ain’t No Other
   “Very good head despite of excessive hair, beautiful expression, very powerfully built dog, great
    bone, great substance, shoulder a little straight, good upper arm, strong loin, very good rear
    assembly, good topline, beautifully presented, powerful sporting movement, excellent

   ERI 2 PU 4 VA-SERT Great Escape I’m With Stupid
   ERI 3 Claremark Bachelor Bart
   ERI 4 Sofus Footlights

   avoin luokka

   Norvale Holy Smoke

   ERI 1 Norvale Holy Smoke
   ”Attractive, well proportioned, very nice head and expression, good bone & feet, great topline
    & tailset, good quarters, short hocks, very good length of upper arm, would benefit from more
    symphatetic hand stripping in the head, otherwise presentation very good, this handler does
    not present this dog to his full potential, he is an extremely good cocker which needs a little
    better presentation & handling to truly excel.”

   ERI 2 Raccoon’s Hold Me Tender
   ERI 3 Margate Be For Real
   ERI 4 Flyers Tan Legacy


   Bell’mano Giorgio Armani

   ERI 1 Bell’mano Giorgio Armani
   “Masculine, nice ear placement, moderate neck, front assembly a little forward placed, topline
    & tailset good, a little cow hocked at rear, excellent coat quality, well developed rib,
    exceptionally sporting movement with big open side gait & excellent carriage.”

   ERI 2 Pretty Flower’s Super Trouper
   ERI 3 Perchwater Magic Wizard Of Oz
   ERI 4 Fin Mva Fashion Show Of Black Mirage


   PU3 Almanza Hit The Road Jack

   ERI 1 PU3 Almanza Hit The Road Jack

   ERI 2 Kans&Fin&Hu Mva Madman’s Return Of Black Mirage
   ERI 3 Fin Mva Flyers Zim Bean
   ERI 4 Kans&Fin Mva Rancecraig Scottish Gent


   PU2 BIS-VETERAANI Kans&Fin&Hu&S&Est&Rus&Lv Mva RkfV-06 V-06
   XXL Of Black Mirage

   ERI 1 PU2 BIS-VETERAANI Kans&Fin&Hu&S&Est&Rus&Lv Mva RkfV-06 V-06
              XXL Of Black Mirage
   "Another amazing veteran in a condition which makes a mockery of his age, masculine head
    with excellent proportions, beautiful outline, excellent front assembly, great topline & tailset, in
    great condition, wonderful movement, great reach & drive, great carriage.”

   ERI 2 Fin Mva Northworth King’s Command
   ERI 3 Fin Mva Northworth Landshark
   ERI 4 Baysway Lucky Dine

   pentuluokka 5-7 kk

   Great Escape Lucille Ball KP

   1. KP Great Escape Lucille Ball
   “Very pretty, very feminine, excellent proportions, nice front assembly, well bodied for age,
    good quarters, very promising, very smart, sound & stylish, excellent carriage, good reach &

   2. KP Olipa’s Golden Dream
   3. KP Olipa’s Gold Seeker
   4. KP Rassel’s Quite A Sable

   pentuluokka 7-9 kk

   Two Pine’s Unukalhai

   1. KP BIS-PENTU Two Pine’s Unukalhai
    “Smart with excellent natural jacket, rangy in a good way with excellent proportions, sweet
     head, long neck, good shoulders, good upper arm, good quarters, rib cage should develop a
     little, should have more forechest, although a little reluctant, very sound & very attractive &
    displays good carriage on the move.”

   2. Olipa’s Filiola
   3. Kristala Cockwave’s Flower Girl
   4. Rosswind Thumbs Up


   PN4 SERT Hooligan Hot Finale

   ERI 1 PN4 SERT Hooligan Hot Finale
   “Black balanced head, good neck & shoulders, good balanced outline, strong quarters, very
    well presented. ”

   ERI 2 Margate Flaming Nora
   ERI 3 Two Pine’s Trionfo D’amore
   ERI 4 Flyers Olive Taste

    VA-SERT Margate Keep It Real

   ERI 1 VA-SERT Margate Keep It Real
   “Golden, lovely head, eye & expression, good neck & shoulders, well balanced outline, moves
    freely and soundly, keeping good topline.”

   ERI 2 Claremark Back To The Hills
   EH 3 Nickel And Dimes Ice Tea
   EH 4 Breeze Jewel For You

   avoin luokka

   PN2 Fenbrook Brianna

   ERI 1 PN2 Fenbrook Brianna
   “Black on elegant lines, quality head, well boned, good feet, strong quarters, moves freely &
    soundly, in very good coat”

   ERI 2 V-07 ESTV-07 PMJV-05 Shavian No Mercy
   ERI 3 Spectrolite’s Be My Queen
   ERI 4 Leavenworth Sweet Memories


   FIN MVA Leading-Light Ants In My Pants

   ERI 1 FIN MVA Leading-Light Ants In My Pants
   “Lovely type of blue, short square outline, big ribbed body, sweet head but would prefer a little
    more width to muzzle, sound and outgoing.”

   ERI 2 Margate Fay Fable
   ERI 3 Goldbird’s Brilliant Girl
   ERI 4 Slumberland Butterscotch


   PN 1 BIS Kans&Fin&Est&S Mva A One’s Teodora

   ERI 1 PN 1 BIS Kans&Fin&Est&S Mva A One’s Teodora
   ”Elegant type of blue, pleasing head, good in neck & shoulders, lovely neat legs & feet, firm
    topline which is held on the move, very outgoing & sound, good coat, well presented”

   ERI 2 PN 3 Fin Mva Birchfire Happy Girl
   ERI 3 Kans&Fin&ESt Mva JV-01 V-01 Benchmark Merci Michelle
   ERI 4 Fin Mva Flyers Zazagabor


   VSP-VETERAANI Fin Mva Leading-Light Some Like It Hot

   ERI 1 VSP-VETERAANI Fin Mva Leading-Light Some Like It Hot

   ERI 2 Fin Mva Shavian Raindrop
   ERI 3 Fin Mva Triplet Topaz
   ERI 4 Fin Mva Raccoon’s Impulsive Lady

   BIS kennel Flyers

   1 KP BIS kennel Flyers
   2 KP kennel Shavian
   3 KP kennel Margate
   4 KP kennel Leading-Light

   BIS Kans&Fin&Hu&S&Est&Lv&Rus Mva V-06 RkfV-06 XXL Of Black Mirage

   1. Kans&Fin&Hu&S&Est&Lv&Rus Mva V-06 RkfV-06 XXL Of Black Mirage

       PARAS PÄÄ

   1. Fin Mva Birchfire Happy Girl


   1. Hooligan Hot Finale & Flyers Call Me Hooligan