Erikoisnäyttely 2011


(Kuvat Mikko Tolvanen)
– Angela McLaren Marson (UK): pennut ja urokset
– Linda McLaren (UK): urokset

BIS ja VSP HeJV-10 Coastline Johnny B.Good ja Flyers Kind Of Indica

BIS ja VSP pennut Leading-Light Genghis Khan ja Leading-Light Girl Likes To Hug

BIS ja VSP juniorit Pretty Flower’s Written In The Stars ja Delichon Droplet

BIS veteraani C.I.B Fi & Lv & Ru Mva Margate Carte Blanche


1 KP Shaikaros Just In Time
Lovely head and eye. Nice feet. Needs to develop a bit more in body but he's still young. Good forearm. Kept a good topline on the move. Nice short hock. Moved well.
2 Bell'mano Xmas Wonderland


1 KP BIS-PENTU Leading-Light Genghis Khan
Black dog. Excels in bone, body and substance. Excellent front with well placed shoulders. Good length of neck. Well balanced. Good rear angulations. Covered ground well. You can see that he's all male.
2 KP Blue Cheyenne's Tiger Of Sweden
3 Northworth Order To Success
4 Rosswind Dare Devil


1 KP Betway's Darkness Tan Angel
5 months old black & tan. Excels in bone, body and substance. Pretty head. Would prefer a bit more front face but it will come with age. Great depth of chest. Very tight in elbows. Good neck and shoulders. Good spring of rib. Moved well, covering the ground. Moved soundly. Will have a bright future.
2 KP Pennwick After All
3 Shaikaros Jolly Raindrop
4 Bell'Mano Xmas Snow-White


1 KP VSP-PENTU Leading-Light Girl Likes To Hug
Black bitch. Lovely outline. Well balanced. Beautiful feminine head. Lovely tight dark eye. Good neck and shoulders. Short and well ribbed. Good rear angulations. Good topline, nice tailset. Covered the ground well, moved soundly.
2 KP Asvina Fine Style
3 Frozen Cheers Thanks A Lot
4 Frozen Cool As Ice


ERI 1 SA Delichon Droplet
Well balanced dog. Good size. Lovely head and tight dark eye. Good forearm. Good well boned legs. Short coupled. Held a good topline on the move. Moved well.

ERI 2 SA Pretty Flower's Fabulously Absolute
ERI 3 Delichon Drizzle
ERI 4 Haradwater My Valentine


ERI 1 SA PU1 SERT BIS HeJV-10 Coastline Johnny B.Good
Lovely blue dog of excellent type. Beautifully constructed. Good head and eye. Good depth of chest. Well placed shoulders. Ample neck. Lovely topline. Good rear angulations. Moves soundly in front and rear. I liked him a lot.

ERI 2 SA EeJMva Kristala Cockwave's Black Tiger
ERI 3 Heart Rock The Living Daylights
ERI 4 Leading-Light Smooth Criminal


ERI 1 SA PU2 HeV-10 Lochranza Mr Federer
Well presented and handled. Lovely head and tight dark eye. Excellent shoulder placement. Good legs and feet. Short well coupled body. Excellent rear quarters. Drove around the ring soundly.
ERI 2 Norvale Toffee Banoffee
ERI 3 Robinson Crusoe Z Vejminku


ERI 1 SA Fi & Ee Mva Fi Jva Triplet Quartz
Lovely type of blue dog without any exaggeration. Lovely head and expression. Short deep body. Good second thigh. Well angulated quarters. Lovely short hocks. Excellent head carriage when moving. Good steady and sound movement.

ERI 2 SA VASERT Manchela Shiraz
ERI 3 Fi Mva Asvina Do Nonsuchthing
ERI 4 Pretty Flower's One Way Or Another


ERI 1 SA PU3 No Mva NordJV-07 Skjervtun's Wanna Be
Sound honest dog without any exaggeration. Good head and kind expression. Deep well sprung ribs. Well rounded quarters. All male without any coarseness.

ERI 2 SA PU4 C.I.B C.I.E Fin & Ee & Lv & Si & Ru & Ro & Hr Mva PMJV-05 LvV-06 Rancecraig Scottish Gent
ERI 3 SA Ua & Bg & Ro & Ru & Rs Mva Absolut Style Of Mary
ERI 4 SA Fin Mva EeJV-06 Flyers Zim Bean


ERI 1 SA C.I.E Se & Ar & Uy Mva MV-05 PMV-09 V-09 Corralet Indian-Savage
Striking dog with excellent movement, holding good topline. Short, well balanced. Excellent neck and shoulders. Well rounded quarters. Presentation A1. Fantastic condition for his age. (Ei jäänyt rop-veteraanikisaan).

ERI 2 Fin & Est Mva Flyers Kick Back


ERI 1 SA PN4 Pretty Flower's Written In The Stars
Feminine head. Correct eye colour and tight eye. Good neck and shoulder. Good front angulation. Great forechest. Good body and substance. Short and cobby. Good rear angulation. Correct tailset. I like her overall balance. Moving with style and drive, holding a good topline. Happy girl.

ERI 2 SA HeJV-10 Fenbrook Prime Time
ERI 3 SA Breeze Glorious
ERI 4 SA Pretty Flower's Fata Morgana


ERI 1 SA Francini's Favola
15 months old blue roan. Gorgeous head and eye. Great neck and shoulders. Big ribs. Good rear angulation. Pleasing outline. Good presentation, coat and condition. Happy mover. Moving well in front but a bit close in back.

ERI 2 SA Ee JMva Kristala Cockwave's Black Love


ERI 1 SA PN1 SERT VSP Flyers Kind Of Indica
4 years old. Love her overall type, bone and substance. Short and cobby body. Neck and shoulders correct. Feminine head and expression. Correct front and rear angulation. Good coat, condition and presentation. She can really move. Striding from the front and driving from the back, holding her topline all time.

ERI 2 SA Flyers Hard Rock Angel
ERI 3 SA Shavian La Traviata
ERI 4 SA Fenbrook Moon Flower


ERI 1 SA PN2 VASERT Fenbrook Say  No More
Golden. Good type. Gorgeous head and expression. Excels in neck and shoulder. Correct upperarm. Good bone and substance. Big ribs. Good width of quarters. Balanced outline. Trimmed to perfection. In good condition. Great mover. Striding out in front and driving in back. Moving her tail all time, holding her topline.

ERI 2 SA Eben's Singin' In The Rain


ERI 1 SA PN3 Lv & By & Se(n) Mva JV-08 LvV-10 Bleper’s Yabba-Dabba-Doo
Strong type of bitch. Has the best of constructions. Good head and eye. Reachy neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good forehand. Big ribs. Correct rear and front angulation. Beautiful quarters. A1 presentation. Strode out well in front and drove well with the short hocks in rear. Holding her topline all the time.

ERI 2 SA Fi Mva Shaikaros Creme Caramelle
ERI 3 SA C.I.B C.I.E Fi & No & Ee & Lt Mva BaltV-09 Benchmark Ace Of Hearts


ERI 1 SA BIS-VETERAANI C.I.B Fi & Lv & Ru Mva Margate Carte Blanche
Well balanced 12 years old golden. Gorgeous head and eye. Well laid shoulders. Big ribs. Good rear and front angulation. Beautiful feet. I like her overall type. Happy sound mover, holding her good topline at all times.

ERI 2 SA EeV-05 EeV-06 Flyers All Right


1 KP BIS-kasvattajaluokka kennel Flyers
Everyone beautifully presented. Good coat and condition. Similar type. Happy temperaments. Each has beautiful head and eye. Good feet. Good bone and substance. Short and compact.


1 KP BIS-jälkeläisluokka Fin Mva EeJV-06 Flyers Zim Bean
Group of nice solids. All good sizes, good bones and substance. Good toplines. All have ever-wagging tails. He's stamping a good size and type for his daughters. Very consistent group.

2 KP Manchela Shiraz