Erikoisnäyttely 2013

Cockerspanieleiden erikoisnäyttely 2.6.2013 –  Tuusula, Kellokoski


BIS Northworth Exact So Elegant
VSP HeJW-12 Westridge Touch Of Seduction

BIS-veteraani C.I.B Fi & Ee Mva EeJV-06 Flyers Zim Bean
VSP-veteraani Fin Mva EeVMva Benchmark Shalimar

BIS-pentu Two Pine’s Trick Play
VSP-pentu Asvina Holy Crabapple

1 KP Manaca’s Different Kind Of Blue
Nice head developing well. Puppy teeth are good. A bit narrow in front. Still time to develop. Good upper arm. Short cobby body. Fair bone. Moving close behind. Happy on move. A blue dog.
2 KP Olipa’s Trioli
3 Sugarvalley Midnight Aquarius
4 Travis Sparkling Connection

1 KP VSP-PENTU Asvina Holy Crabapple
Good head developing well. Good dentition. Good neck and shoulders for age. Nice padded feet. Lovely coat and condition. Handled to the best of dog’s advantage, really well. Dog is standing out. Happy on move.
2 KP Isbahan’s Bronze Me Up
3 Asvina Holy Casanova
4 Speck Line Napakymppi

1 KP Sugarvalley Midnight Apus
Nice headed blue. Good front angulation. Nice body and rib. Good hindquarters. Raw and very much a baby. Sound happy mover. Maybe a little bit close behind.
2 KP Sugarvalley Midnight Ara
3 KP Margate As If
4 Pennwick Dale Of Icewind

1 KP BIS-PENTU Two Pine’s Trick Play
Nice headed black. Good neck and shoulders. Excellent front. Nice short body. Good hindquarters. Really like her. Pull the white hair off from her nose. Moved very soundly and merrily.
2 Asvina Holy Case
3 Two Pine’s Rush Hour

ERI 1 SA VSP-JUNIORI Canigou Love Em And Leave Em
Good head. Dark eye. Good earset. Good front and aft. Good shoulders and upper arm. Good bone. Nice padded feet. Good forechest. Good depth for body. Good hindquarters. Good muscle tone. Good tailset. Moved happily on the move. Excellent coat. Black dog. Nice head.

ERI 2 SA Shavian Rocking All The Way
ERI 3 SA Triplet Halphen Red
ERI 4 Breeze Whiskey On Ice

ERI 1 SA PU1 SERT VSP HeJW-12 Westridge Touch Of Seduction
Lovely masculine head. Dark eye. Good dentition. Good neck and shoulders. Good topline, tailset, front and depth of body. Good bone. Excellent beautiful feet, best I have seen today. Good hindquarters. Good muscle tone. Short  below hock. Presentation absolutely first class. Good strong neck. Beautiful. Lovely and square outline.

ERI 2 SA PU3 VASERT Triplet Varangian
ERI 3 SA Triplet Daredevil Of War
ERI 4 SA JV-12 Cobarn Distant Drums

ERI 1 SA Fenbrook Change Is Gonna Come
Gorgeous head, masculine but not coarse. Dark eye. Good dentition. Good neck, shoulders and upper arm. Short and square. Good tailset and topline. Good feet. Lovely quarters and muscle tone. Excellent coat and condition. Moved very well and happily with handler. Dark blue.
ERI 2 SA Pretty Flower’s Unus Sed Leo
ERI 3 SA Keladity Wait Tan See
ERI 4 Triplet Double Star Of War

ERI 1 SA Fi  Mva Asvina Do Nonsuchthing
Lovely masculine head. Dark eye. Good dentition. Good shoulders and upper arm. Square in outline. Well- muscled quarters. Good topline. Good bend of stifle. Good tailset. In excellent coat and condition.

[Kuva: urokset_valioluokka_2013.jpg]
ERI 1 SA PU2 Fi & No Mva PMJV-07 Skjervtun's Wanna Be
Lovely masculine head. Good eye colour. Good dentition. Strong neck. Good shoulders and upper arm. Lovely bone. Excellent padded feet. Good topline and tailset. Good bend of stifle and muscled rear quarters. Moved well in loose lead with the handler. Excellent coat and condition.

ERI 2 SA C.I.E LvV-12 BaltV-12 Backhills Your the Man
ERI 3 SA Fi & Lt & Ee Mva Fi Jva Pretty Flower’s Super Trouper

ERI 1 SA PU4 BIS-VETERAANI C.I.B Fi & Ee Mva EeJV-06 Flyers Zim Bean
Eight years old gold dog. Clean neck. Dark eyes. Fair bone. Good topline. Good tailset. Would like more muscle to the rear but this did not stop him from driving around the ring and enjoying his day. Credit to his owner for the good condition.

ERI 2 SA Fin & Est Mva Flyers Kick Back
ERI 3 Fi & Ee Mva Fi Jva Triplet Wag The Dog
ERI 4 Ee VMva Leavenworth Sings And Plays

ERI 1 SA PN1 SERT BIS BIS-JUNIORI Northworth Exact So Elegant
Sweet headed black. Good legs and feet. Excellent forehand. Shoulder placement could be better. Good body. Excellent ribs. Nice hindquarters. Moves soundly and well with great character.

ERI 2 SA Finemoon Be My Love
ERI 3 SA Breeze Viennetta
ERI 4 Two Pine’s Nice As Pie

ERI 1 SA VASERT JV-12 Frozen French Kiss
Sweet blue bitch. Nice head. Good front assembly. Excellent forehand. Nice neck and shoulders. Good topline. Nice hindquarters. Moved soundly and well.

ERI 2 SA Ee JMva HeW-12 HeJW-12 EeJV-12 Benchmark Quiz Of The Day
ERI 3 Neppari’s Jewel Of Mine
ERI 4 Heart Rock Heart Of Glass

ERI 1 SA PN3 Manaca’s Sara Smile
Beautiful head and expression. Stylish bitch. Good front assembly. Nice legs and feet. Strong topline. Good body, coat and condition. Nice hindquarters. Moves out soundly and well.

ERI 2 SA PN4 Benchmark Joval Musk
ERI 3 SA Pretty Flower’s Fata Morgana
ERI 4 Flyers Giant Hope

ERI 1 SA Fenbrook Say  No More
Smart golden bitch in excellent coat and condition. Sweet head. Well angulated front. Good legs and feet. Nice body. Firm topline. Good hindquarters. Moved soundly and well.

ERI 2 Say Presto Of Black Mirage
ERI 3 Eben's Singin' In The Rain

[Kuva: nartut_valioluokka_2013.jpg]
ERI 1 SA PN2 C.I.E Fi & Lt & Lv & Ru & Ro & Cz Mva Halennest Debora Eight
Sweet headed blue bitch. Nice legs and feet. Good front angulation. Great body proportions. Good wide quarters. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Moved soundly and merrily.

ERI 2 SA Fi Mva Fi Jva Great Escape Shut The Duck Up
ERI 3 SA C.I.E LtV-11 Pilula’s Caal Me American Diva
ERI 4 SA C.I.B C.I.E Fin & No & Ee & Lt Mva BaltV-09 Benchmark Ace Of Hearts

ERI 1 SA VSP-VETERAANI Fin Mva Ee VMva Benchmark Shalimar
Sweet headed orange. Good legs and feet. Nice front. Excellent body. Big ribs. Nice and short coupled. Good hindquarters. Uses herself well on the move. Sound and merry.

ERI 2 SA C.I.B Fi & Ee Mva Manaca’s Excuse My Conduct
ERI 3 SA Fin Mva Leading-Light Ants In My Pants
ERI 4 SA Raccoon’s Blue Recall

[Kuva: bis_kasvattajaluokka_2013.jpg]
1 KP BIS-KASVATTAJALUOKKA kennel Pretty Flower’s
Nice uniform type. Similar size, make and shape. Consistency in substance and quality. Nice line-up.
2 KP kennel Benchmark
3 KP kennel Two Pine’s
4 KP kennel Flyers

1 KP BIS-JÄLKELÄISLUOKKA C.I.B Fin & Ee Mva EeJV-06 Flyers Zim Bean
All have very typey heads and nice feet. All are more or less same type. Lovely coats. Well handled.

2 KP C.I.B C.I.E Fin & Dk & Lv & Ee & Lt & Balt Mva LtV-09 Cockergold Cool Blue Night

Triplet Declares A War ja Triplet Halphen Red

Shavian Hey Look This Way

Triplet Fizz In Rose