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Backhill´s Fit As A Fiddler                         6/10/2018
(Billsor Kiterunner- Backhill´s Xpect A New Day)                                               
Benchmark Flying Blue News                          6/10/2018
(Rainstrom Latest News- Benchmark Quiz Of The Day)
Lingonberry´s Emporio Armani                        6/10/2018
(Rainstrom´s Latest News- Sugarstick´s Crazy In Love)
Lingonberry´s Källi                                 6/10/2018
(Shavian Here And There- Sugarstick´s Crazy In Love)
Shavian Here and There                              6/10/2018
(XXL Of Black Mirage- Two Pine´s Trionfo D´Amore)
Speck Line Savannah                                 6/10/2018
(Flashdance Kind Of Magic- Speck Line Tuulten Viemää)
Wild Darling Royal Light of Life                    6/10/2018
(Leading Light Dom Perignon- Debbie´s Lucky Daisy)